Are you over 55 years old and do you want to stay fit to be able to efficiently cope with duties in your professional, volunteer or family life? We analyze the challenges you are facing every day to design a simple and unobtrusive technological solution that will help you manage your fitness. We are doing this with the help of older adults like you.


Do you value your experienced employees aged 55 or more? We are developing a solution that aims to support employers like you in helping your staff to stay healthy and motivated to work. We are designing the Fit4Work system to maintain your employee's physical fitness, reduce their mental stress and care for their work place.                                   


Are you designing AAL solutions just like us? Maybe you are interested in learning how we are developing Fit4Work? Our work incorporates state-of-the-art technologies and proven prototyping methodologies. We aim to equip the system with open interfaces that will allow you to extend its functionality and usage scenarios.


Are you conducting research in areas of physical activity and mental stress or AAL technologies? We are incorporating latest research results into Fit4Work features. We publish our own research results in valuable scientific journals and present them during scientific conferences.

Poznan project meeting
The last project Board Meeting was held on December 15th

AAL Forum 2017
Fit4Work team took part in the AAL Forum 2017, held in Coimbra Portugal

Ubicomp demo
Fit4Work team presented our monitoring system demo during the international conference on ubiquitous computing, Ubicomp 2017, held in Maui, Hawaii.