Raising of funds

Consortium agreement signed

The Fit4Work project partners signed the Consortium Agreement and agreed the starting date for the project: 1st of June 2014

Fit4Work proposal successfully passes evaluation

Dear Michal Kosiedowski, Coordinator of the AAL proposal "Fit4Work" (AAL 2013-6-060),

Thank you for your interest in the AAL Joint Programme.

The General Assembly of the AAL Association approved the outcome of the evaluation of the 6th Call for proposals (AAL-2013-6) on 24 September 2013.

The AAL Joint Programme has the pleasure to inform you that your proposal has passed the evaluation phase and has been selected to proceed to the "Clarification and Negotiation" phase. The Clarification and Negotiation takes place directly with your National Funding Agencies (NFA) as represented by the National Contact Person (NCP) for AAL (for the contact details of NCPs please go to: link). The NCP's are responsible for managing all contracts.

You - as the proposal coordinator - are hereby invited to contact the NCP of your National Funding Agency, who will act as the "Lead NCP" for your proposal. Together with the Lead NCP, you will initiate the Clarification and Negotiation phase. You should also inform your proposal partners to contact the AAL NCPs in their respective countries to start up their Clarification and Negotiation. After the Clarification and Negotiation phase - if successful - bilateral contracts (Grant Agreements) will be issued between each proposal partner and the NFA involved.

The Lead NCP and you are regarded as the coordinating and contracting team for your proposal in this phase. To avoid any misunderstandings, the Clarification and Negotiation phase is a matter between you and your proposal partners on one hand side and the NCPs of the involved NFAs on the other side. You will find also useful information in the Part II of the "Guide for Applicants".

Please find the Evaluation Summary Report (ESR) attached to be used as input information for the negotiations; the remarks and comments in the evaluation criteria must be carefully addressed. Please send this ESR to your consortium partners.

To save time and speed up time-to-contract, please start preparing without delay the Consortium Agreement (CA) dealing with e.g. conflict resolution procedures and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). You can find the "Guidelines on How to prepare a Consortium Agreement for AAL-JP projects" and a "Consortium Agreement Skeleton" to help you in this task. An EU helpdesk on IPR is also available at: www.ipr-helpdesk.org.

Please note that you will have 6 months from this date to ensure that the Consortium Agreement (CA) is signed by all consortium partners. We reserve the right to refuse your application if the deadline for the Consortium Agreement is not met.

Note that it is also mandatory that all proposal partners and all the NCPs involved agree to a common start date for the project (on consortium level).

Please acknowledge the reception of this invitation.

The AAL Joint Programme Central Management Unit wishes you good luck with the work in the upcoming "Clarification and Negotiation" phase.

Fit4Work proposal submitted

The Fit4Work proposal has been submitted to the Central Management Unit of the AAL JP, in answer to Call 6 of the program.